….because if we don’t love the skin that we’re in, how could we expect for someone else to do so? We should not put that pressure on anyone other than ourselves, when its our life that we have to live. While some folks will love us regardless, despite our confidence, or lack thereof, after a […]

After three months of box braid extensions that I braided in my hair, my scalp, locks, and head needed to breathe. My follicles were craving wind, sun, and my unobstructed touch. I went to a local salon to get help with taking my braids out. The stylist noticed that I had locks, after seeing where […]

[Left: Braided Braids | Right: “Braid – Out”| Braids by Ebony Brown] How Do I Make My Box Braids Curly or Wavy? People have asked me this question, time and time again, and so, here’s the answer. 1.) I basically do what is called a “braid-out” with my box braid extensions, just as people would […]

Proud of my home grown, self-taught, knotty, locked, and twisted mane, I was reflective, thinking about a time when I used to talk about shaving all of my hair off and then locking it when it grew in, and people trying to talk me out of it, including some of my family and close friends. […]

Photo of Ebony Brown Braiding Bee

“Your, hair looks amazing, is it real, can I touch it?” Wait. Excuse me what? Did you just really ask me that?  People ask me these types of questions all the time and when I locked my hair ‘fahgettaboutit’ the question was even more rampant. It just flies out of folks’ mouth without filter, as […]

I’m back and I’ve box braided my locks! Oh wait, did I even tell you that I locked my hair? Yes, I finally did it after talking about it for years! I’ve been wanting to lock it forever, like literally do it myself, regardless of never dred-locking a fiber of anything. I absolutely could not […]

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of people calling “box braids” or “extensions” Ghetto – in general. Knock, knock, hello mister or mizzes naysayer, please do elaborate. I want to understand.  Meanwhile, here’s a photo of box braids (extensions) that I did in my hair. Its my hope that it adds […]

My friends dubbed this hairstyle “Goddess Braids” so it stuck. The style was inspired by Janet Jackson’s mane in the movie “Poetic Justice” where she co-starred with hip-hop great, the late, Tupac Shakur. I remember watching the movie and thinking, “I can do that, I could braid my hair like that” (while another voice inside […]